Create Change Campaign

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I’m thrilled to have been able to give hundreds of young children the opportunity to experience creativity and photography in their schooling for the first time.

In so many communities I’ve visited with The Boundless Edit, even having textbooks, or chalk to write on a blackboard can be an issue, so it's natural that the resources for creative classes are just not possible. We endeavour to provide creative classes of various types to classes in the communities we work in. From crafts and drawing in Micronesia and Madagascar, to painting in Nepal and Uganda, we also aim to leave behind as many future resources for the local school teachers to continue the lessons for as long as possible. 


We developed our Create Change Campaign with our Design partner Mina Staples, an Interior Designer with a background in textile design. 

With sponsorship from Mina and corporate partner OfficeWorks, we've provided over 28kgs of creative resources to disadvantaged schools around the world and held classes for over 350 children in six countries. 

We strongly believe that children with the ability to create and develop their imaginations will be the most valuable resource for fighting poverty in the future; children with dreams grow up to be adults with vision. 

Lilli B