The Boundless Edit Morocco PhotoBook

The Boundless Edit Morocco PhotoBook


Lilli lead a team of nine women travelling to remote areas of Morocco to meet these talented artisans and document their traditional processes.

With creative contributions from Karin Reinders, Willemiek van Kuijlenborg, Andie Henderson, Erin Black, Sarah Watts, Kate Lewis, Brenna Fitzgerald, Jenae Somedays, Bec Hanna and Lilli Boisselet.

Large Square Hard Cover with Full Gloss Dust Slip, 12×12 in, 30×30 cm
106 Pages Matte High Quality Paper


“For some, these existential questions subscribe a kind of hiding, holing up in the familiar. For others, the urge to connect to humanity or to belong to a particular land represent a lifetime of searching. 

May this book take you there - to the first time you cried with sublime happiness, to the place you feel most at home, to the determination to succeed that sits uncomfortably in your gut. 

Create. Find your skill. Let it tell who you are.

Connect. Find your tribe. Empower all you can. 

This book dwells in the sensorium creativity and the people who are using their creativity to quite literally change the world. 

The kind who know the ability to create our own story is our greatest gift in life, and how we inhabit our lives, and with whom, is all our own making. 
I’d like to dedicate this book to the women on its pages; and to you, your creativity, and your drive to innovate for a better life for all, in whatever form that may reveal itself.”

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