Postcards from Morocco with The Boundless Edit photographers Kate Lewis and Lilli Boisselet / by Lilli B

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The sounds here are distinct; the kind you won't hear anywhere else. The banging of the milk can as we wake in the morning; fresh milk being squeezed from the cows' teats for making our favourite apple cake for breakfast. The intense snorting of a rogue donkey in the pasture behind the house; the crescendo of a flock of birds coming over the nearby mountains and into the valley. Children playing, speaking a mix of the local Berber Arabic and English, learned from Hollywood movies. Adults hurrying to prepare for the day ahead, leaving for 'rush hour' on the back of a donkey; their small hooves clamoring over the rocky, dusty streets. 

There are some places on earth that compel the wild in us; some people on earth who compel a fight against all the odds. This tiny village in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco is one of those places; Karin Reinders and Fatima Falfouli are two of those people. Meetings happen a little differently here - as we drive for hours down dusty paths, with little around, we are soon greeted warmly by an entire village. It's extreme remoteness provides a guise of a sanctuary against the bustling outside world for me, but for the community who live here, it proves a daily struggle.

Kate and Lilli spent time in Morocco together, on project with The Boundless Edit.

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